Concerts of 2011

Vocal concert by Shounak Abhisheki

Shaunak AbhishekiA versatile personality with a beautiful combination of the faculties of the head, heart and soul. The voice of purity and devotion which enraptures the music lovers is none other than Shounak Abhisheki. A maestro in the making, this sought after young vocalist has made classical music the centre of a lifestyle that embraced the whole gamut of typically Maharashtra traditions. He has created an aura around his persona that is quite different from that of any other classical vocalist. He also excels in singing Thumri, Tappa, Natyasangeet, Sanskrit Chants and devotional songs in Hindi as well as Marathi. He has performed in many musical concerts held in India and abroad.View Schedule

Vocal Concert by Pt. Sanjeev Abhyankar

Sanjeev Abhyankar is one of the few very good Hindustani vocalists to have emerged in recent years. He is considered the standard torch bearer of the Jaipur-Mewati gharana and is one of the foremost desciples of the renowned vocalist Pt Jasraj.View Schedule

Gaurav Majumdar (hindustani sitar) and Nirmala Rajasekar (carnatic veena)

Gaurav MajumderNirmala Enjoy a jugalbandi concert tour, "Sublime Journey" by Gaurav Majumdar (hindustani sitar) and Nirmala Rajasekar (Carnatic veena) accompanied by Thanjavur K.Murugaboopathi (mridangam) and Vishal Nagar (tabla).View Schedule

Sitar recital by Indrajeet Banerjee

Indrajeet BanerjeeEnjoy a evenning with Indrajeet Banerjee (hindustani sitar), one of the leading exponents of the Maihar Gharana.View Schedule