Violin Concert of “Three Generations”


Violin: Padma Bhusan Dr. N. Rajam, disciple of Pt. Omkar Nath Thakur, and sister of famous violinist T. Krishnan.
Dr. Sangeeta Shankar (Daughter)
Ragini Shankar and Nandini Shankar (Grand daughters)
Vinayak Netke


Dr N Rajam is one of the foremost hindustani violinists. Born to a musical family, she is well versed with both Hindustani and Carnatic traditions. Her brother is the well known carnatic violinists T N Krishnan.

Dr. Smt. N. Rajam, a violinist of exceptional caliber underwent extensive training under Sangeet Martand, the late Pt. Omkarnath Thakur. Inspired by her great guru, she undertook an intensive research project in order to bring the violin into the folds of the ‘Gayaki Ang’. Her research gave a new dimension and direction to violin playing in Hindustani style thus revolutionizing the art of violin in India.

She has mastered on the violin the famous Banaras style of Thumri under the guidance of the veteran Pt. Mahadev Mishra. In recognition of her service to music, she was awarded the Padmashree in1984. In addition to being a sensitive artist, she is also a noted scholar and teacher. She served as the Dean of the Faculty of Performing arts at the Banaras Hindu University till retiring a few years ago.